Therianos Family Eco Farm

Therianos Family, Greece

Therianos family in Zakynthos is dated from 1489 from generation to generation, we are still here in the Land of Zakynthos to offer you the best products in the world.

For hundreds of years the Therianos Family has been producing olive oil. See family crest in the photos.

Dimitris, the youngest son of the Therianos family envisioned the creation of a visitable farm that would provide the visitor with services and products for the soul and body and the brand of the Therianos Family was created with  the support  energy and enthusiastic hard work from all the family . 
Dimitris did research on the importance of nutrition in humans and how important food is for our health, studying the ancient Greeks Hippocrates, Dioscourides and other ancient and modern scholars.

Our Olive Oil       

We produce one of the best olive oils in the world for health as well as natural cosmetics and skin treatment.


Company: Therianos Family
Variety: Dopia (Lianolia)
Cultivation: Organic
Country: Greece
Region: Zakynthos
Contact: Dimitris Therianos
Phone: +30 697-911-3366