Olive flowers Oleomania

Wild Olive Trees Over 100 Years Old

Oleomania, Greece

Oleomania Wild comes from the wild olive trees (most of them over 100 years old) that naturally grow in our family olive grove.

The most healthy and green olives are handpicked each year in the beginning of October to produce this wild olive juice, which many consider to be olive oil in its puresform.

Like every Oleomania product, Oleomania Wild carries a Health Claim (EU 432/2012 Commission Regulation) and can be consumed as a natural food supplement to help protect the blood lipids from oxidative stress.

Our Olive Oil       

High Phenolic. Wild. Authentic.


Company: Oleomania
Variety: Wild
Cultivation: Wild
Country: Greece
Region: Nafplio
Contact: Giorgos Tzamalis
Email: info@oleomania.gr
Phone: +30 6951219048
Website: https://oleomania.gr/en/