Precious Gift from the Cretan Earth

Efkrato, Greece

At Terra Centuria, we embrace the rich heritage of olive oil production that dates back to Ancient Rome, where oils with similar properties were referred to as ‘Oleum acerbum’, ‘Oleum aestivum’, ‘Oleum omphacium’, and ‘Oleum ex albis ulivis’. These oils were used both for medical purposes and cosmetic applications and were considered to be of high value due to their rarity.

Our approach to olive oil production focuses on pressing the olives at an earlier stage when they are still green and unripe, leading to a higher concentration of polyphenols. This unique method sets us apart and positions olive oil not only as a source of healthy fat but also as a flavorful ingredient with various health benefits.

We at Terra Centuria, co-founded by Dr. Danijel Stojković Kukulin, a molecular genetics and biotechnology expert, strive to create high-quality olive oil while preserving the ecological balance and sustainability in all our processes.

Our Olive Oil       

The ideal version of the Cretans’ favourite olive oil.


Company: Efkrato
Variety: Tsounati
Cultivation: Organic
Country: Greece
Region: Crete
Contact: Manolis
Email: info@ efkrato.gr/
Phone: +38 6 41 894 456
Website: https://efkrato.gr/