Our Olive Trees Love Our Shadows

Opg Sakač, Croatia

My name is Lucija Sakač and I’m running our organic family farm “OPG Sakač“.

Our farm was founded in 2006 by my mother Danica. My family is big, includes my parents
Danica and Valent, my siblings Matej, Vid, Martina, Ana, Marija and me.

We planted our 5000 olive trees, of eight cultivars, together continuously throughout the years. We strongly believe that our olive
trees love our shadows, meaning that is necessary to be present in the olive groves, to work and observe what is happening, so we could react at the right moment.

Harvest time is the peak of the year, time when my father, siblings, brother-in-law, and nephew are joined all together to pick the olives.

Our Olive Oil       

Since 2021, we have organic certification, and certificate of Protected Designation of Origin.


Company: Opg Sakač
Variety: Frantoio
Cultivation: Organic
Country: Croatia
Region: Istria
Contact: Lucija Sakač
Email: damaval01@gmail.com
Phone: 00385 (0)996401792