According to Nature’s own rhythms and rules.

Oleomania, Greece

Philosophiae Naturalis: The ability of understanding nature and allowing her to produce her gifts according to her own rhythms and rules is our attitude to life.

The process of harvesting and milling occurs in the month of October every day – immediately after the end of the daily harvest in a two phase ecological mill.

George and Rebecca Tzamalis, along with their sons Theofilos and Orestes make up the 3rd and 4th generation of olive oil producers.

Our aim is to inspire you to add high phenolic olive oil into your daily diet and our commitment is to provide you with the high profile products that combine gastronomy with health.

Our Olive Oil       

Nature never produces something incomplete or in vain. Immanuel Kant


Company: Oleomania
Variety: Koroneiki
Cultivation: Traditional
Country: Greece
Region: Nafplio
Contact: Giorgos Tzamalis
Email: info@oleomania.gr
Phone: +30 6951219048
Website: https://oleomania.gr/en/