Different Ways of Using High Phenolic EVOO

Check out this handy Infographic on the different ways of using High Phenolic EVOO. Each level of phenolic concentration has its best use. Choose with confidence to suit your culinary tastes, health and fitness objectives – and, of course, your budget!

High Phenolic EVOO has a high smoke point and is great for sautéing. Choose an extra virgin olive oil with phenolic content of 500 mg/kg to retain the minimum level for the EU Health Claim recommendation (250 mg/kg) after heating.

choose an extra virgin olive oil with phenolic content over 250 mg/kg for drizzling over salads and cooked meats or marinating. and even topical use for bruising, muscle aches and injuries,

Extra Virgin Olive Oils with phenolic content over 1000 mg/kg is super for a daily shot in the morning or before a workout.
The phenolic concentration determines the dose from 5 ml – 15 ml or 1 tsp – 1 tbsp.