Hellenic Organic Olive Groves

The Ancient Pelion Olive Grove

Hellenic Organic Olive Groves, Greece

Hellenic Organic Olive Groves- High Phenolic, Healthy EVOO’s based in Promyri of Pelion with a sense of responsibility towards fellow human beings and consistently supporting the local community of Magnesia.

Our olive trees are tended all year long with Love and great care to ensure healthy fruit and exceptional high phenolic EVOO

Our Olive Oil       

We are in the olive grove all year round to ensure healthy olives and high phenolic Organic olive oil is every year.


Company: Hellenic Organic Olive Groves
Variety: Wild
Cultivation: Organic
Country: Greece
Region: Magnesia
Contact: Dimos Chatzis
Email: hoogevoo@gmail.com
Phone: +30 697 4392929
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HellenicOrganicOliveGroves