Olive Grove by the Sea

Laconiko, Greece

This is a story about love, sacrifice, commitment, honest hard work and passion!

Our olive grove lies just a few meters from the sea. As I approach, I smell herbs, wild flowers and fresh cut grass.

My father, Vasilios, wraps his arms around me and greets me with a kiss. We embrace and then separate to quickly inspect each other to observe any minute changes that may have occurred during all the months we have been apart. He smiles softly and tells me how much he missed me.

My brother and I have just arrived from the United States to help out with the olive harvest, which has always been our tradition.

Our Olive Oil       

ZOI is a specially selected oleocanthal-rich Kalamon olive variety.


Company: Laconiko
Variety: Kalamon
Cultivation: Traditional
Country: Greece
Region: Laconia
Contact: Diamantis and Dino Pierrakos
Email: info@laconiko
Phone: +1 (571) 264 9737
Website: https://laconiko.com/

ZOI is Aristoleo-DataLok Certified

Polyphenols: 1284 mg/kg
Oleocanthal: 969 mg/kg