Strakka Venetian Grove since 1573

Strakka Ltd., Cyprus

The Strakka farm was created during the Venetian domination in Cyprus about 500 years ago, when it appears on the map of Abraham Ortelius of 1573. The farm was acquired by the Leventis family in 1942 and since then, the farm has a continuous history of olive oil production.

The love and dedication to the natural environment and biodiversity of the Leventis family, the owners of Strakka Estate, and generally those involved in the estate, has prompted them to switch to organic farming since 1998. 

In 2003 Strakka has been hosting BirdLife Cyprus on the property, which is currently the most active conservation organization in Cyprus.

Our Olive Oil       

With love and dedication to the natural environment and biodiversity.


Company: Strakka Ltd.
Variety: Kalamon
Cultivation: Organic
Country: Cyprus
Region: Strakka
Contact: Antonis Papantoniou
Phone: +357 22 621455
Mobile: +357 99 631585